Appraiser Disciplinary or Termination Process

Section I.B (8) of the Appraiser Independence Requirements
addresses the removal of an appraiser from a list of qualified appraisers in connection with influencing or attempting to influence the outcome of an appraisal. However, Section I.B (8) does not preclude the management of appraiser list for bona fide administrative reasons based on written, management-approved policies.

If anyone associated has reason to believe that a violation of Appraiser Independence Requirements has occurred, we encourage them to report the suspected violation to the Got Appraisals compliance department at compliance@gotappraisals.com. The compliance department will investigate all reports of suspected violation.

Got Appraisals maintains a list of appraisers that have been removed from the list of qualified appraisers.
The list will be checked before placing an appraisal with an appraiser to insure that the appraiser has not been disqualified. The list will include the appraiser’s name, address and license number.

Probationary Status:
If an appraiser repeatedly commits the same minor errors in their reports, we will first try to rehabilitate them rather than remove them from our qualified list. When we find that an appraiser is making the same errors in multiple reports, we will call them, discuss the issue and notify them that they have been placed on probation. If we see an improvement in the subsequent 30-day period we will remove them from probationary status. If the appraiser continues to make the same errors we will remove them from our list of qualified appraisers.