Emergency Inspection Team.
Got Appraisals' Emergency Inspection Team (E.I.T.) can help service lenders and investors when a natural or domestic disaster occurs. The team is comprised of experienced appraisers and inspectors who are available to be immediately dispatched to any area affected by a disaster. They can assist you with assessing the impact the disaster may have had on any homes in the lending process, or currently in your portfolio. We provide visual inspections with photos and written assessment of the impact, if any, on the property. Full and Drive-by appraisals are available, when necessary. All reports are given top priority by Got’s E.I.T.

Experienced valuation team.

Dispatched to affective area within 24 hours..
Accurate first-party info on disaster scope.
Fast notification regarding affected properties.
Assessment of long-term impact (if any) on the market values in the area of the disaster.