Choose one of FOUR ways to know what your home is really worth.

For most of us, a home is life's biggest purchase, so knowing its value at any given time makes a lot of sense. Whether you are just curious, weighing your options about selling or refinancing, or actively pursuing a sale or refinance, you can count on Got Appraisals to help you with an appropriate valuation of your home. For something so important, don't count on a website home-value estimate - - trust the professionals at Got Appraisals.

GotVal AVM
An AVM (Automated Valuation Model) is a low-cost way for a homeowner to get a quick, professionally-produced estimate of the market value for their home. They are set up and performed by experts, so you know you're getting a great estimate of value.

$19. Complete within minutes.

GotVal Enhanced AVM
Now you can take AVM’s a step further, and add more of the human element, with GotVal Enhanced AVM options, only from Got Appraisals. Trained staff members interact with the AVM and adjust for things that a fully-automated estimate just can't capture -- things like pertinent sales from outside the immediate market area, or non-smilar properties within the market area that can affect the value of your home. This results in even more accurate value estimates, while still delivering speed and a great price.

$49. Delivered within 24 hours (business days: 8am-6pm Pacific, M-F).

GotPAR is a Professional Abbreviated Report (Desktop Appraisal). Each PAR is completed by a local certified appraiser with direct knowledge of your neighborhood. The appraiser completes these from their office, based on information available through public records and the local Multiple Listing Service.

$175. Complete within 2-3 days.

Full Appraisal (1004 Form)
If you need to know the value of your home for lending, insurance, or estate valuation purposes, you'll want a full appraisal. This includes a full interior and exterior inspection of the property. In a full home appraisal, the appraiser visits the property, makes notes and takes photos inside and out. He then writes a report including measurements of the home, and listing comparable sales figures in the area. When ordering the appraisal, be sure to let us know what the purpose of the appraisal is (e.g. lending purposes, estate valuation, date of death valuation, probate, tax assessment dispute, etc.). Got Appraisals utilizes only experienced certified appraisers that have local expertise in your market area.

$450.* Complete within 4-7 days.

*In some cases, fee may be higher for appraisals that are much more complex than typical. Client will be notified for approval of any additional fees prior to completion of the assignment.